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  1. Zute

    Interesting. The group of ‘great’ Heavyweight champions is such a small sample; it is usually just a matter of putting those names in order. I also always like to know the criteria the list is based on. Is it what they did as a champion they are ranked on; is it a matter of who would beat who? it sounds like you list is based heavily on what they accomplished in the ring. Is that right?

  2. Ronald Cameron

    Thanks for reading Zute! Yes, quality of opposition and what they accomplished in the ring to me is a little more important than how long you were a champion.

    I’ll give you two examples: Wladimir Klitschko-He’s been a champion for about 6 years, but he has not fought or beat a Hall of Fame caliber fighter in his prime and he’s been stopped 3 times. He wouldn’t even sniff my top 10 Greatest Heavyweight Champions list.

    And here’s a example you will appreciate. Marvin Hagler had a long Middleweight title reign and he beat Hall of Famers along the way. He would rank very high on my top 5 greatest Middleweight Champion’s list because of his quality of opposition and how he fared against them.

    Now with George Foreman, he did not have a long title reign, but he knocked out two Hall of Famers who were in their primes(Frazier, Norton), knocked Frazier out again but Joe was DONE at that point and how can we forget what he accomplished by becoming the oldest to ever win the Heavyweight title. Based on accomplishments, Foreman belongs on this list.

    I expect people will debate whether Marciano or Joe Frazier should be on this list, but between the two, they only beat ONE Hall of Fame Heavyweight who was in his prime(Frazier beat Ali).

    Again thanks for reading Zute. Part 2 should also cause some debates, so stay tuned!

  3. Adam Gomez

    George Foreman is my #1 because his style requires him to take a beating when he needs to get inside and do his work. And when he was in his 40′s, that man’s arms were so huge that when he pumped them, they were bigger than his head which hurt my eyes and yet he knew how to move them articulate.

    In my opinion, the only person that could generate that much power in a straight punch would be Hasim Rahman, but unlike Rahman, Foreman has had the boxing ability to set it up, including with that sneaky killer uppercut that would come out of no where and set the fighters on stun.

    Though there is controversy for him not fighting Larry Holmes, I gotta admit that he’s a better money man than what Floyd Mayweather Jr. has done and went out like a true business man when he was giving the full congratulations to Shannon Briggs when he lost that belt as it was probably the happiest day of George Foreman’s career when he could finally leave the ring which felt like a ring of *freedom*, it was a deep speech though as Foreman congratulated Briggs and showed sympathy to the winner as I believe he talked about Briggs losing his mother which is why I consider him my #1 champion as well because he acts like a champion as a boxer and as a human being.

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