Go Inside The Mind of the Mad Boxing Genius: It was an “X of the Year” type of Saturday

By:  The Mad Boxing Genius

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Did we just see a bunch of year end award winners for 2013 this last Saturday night?

From all out action to a surprise breakout performance to a hellacious knockout, Saturday night was not the night you wanted to miss if you were a boxing fan.

Fight of the Year


Let’s start with the fight we all wanted to see… AGAIN!  And we did see it… AGAIN!

Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado picked-up right where they left off last October, throwing bombs and showing the world of combat why boxing is truly the sport of kings.  Both were showing some adjustments since the last fight with Rios’ defense being a little tighter while Alvarado was using his legs and boxing skills a little more as well.  It didn’t take long before they fell back into their natural brawling ways that made viewers say with excitement, “Here we go again”.

Unlike the first fight, this one went the distance and I think I can safely speak for every boxing fan out there that we’re glad it did.  After the Timothy Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov and now Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado 2, if the next three quarters of the year is anything like we saw in the last few weeks, I think we are in for a hell of good time.  Will Rios vs. Alvarado 2 be the Fight of the Year?  Who knows it’s still early but it’ll be hard to top.


Round of the Year


Did Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado pull off Round of the Year as well?  If they did the only question we have is which one?  They were all pretty insane weren’t they?


Knockout of the Year


If you didn’t see the knockout Gennady Golvokin unleashed against Nobuhiro Ishida then go find it because it was PAINFUL!!!  You know what, just click this link (or copy it into your browser) and save yourself some time.


On paper, there are a lot of options for GGG that would make some sick fights.  Obviously there is Sergio Martinez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (whenever he comes back).  Although I like Gennady Golovkin’s style and momentum, I’m not completely sold on him.  He certainly needs to step up the competition but one thing we know for sure is that the dude can punch and punch he did on Saturday night, right through Nobuhiro Ishida’s face!


Prospect of the Year


After taking the fight on two weeks’ notice, Terence Crawford from Omaha, Nebraska (of all places), made the most of his opportunity on HBO by outboxing and beating up Amir Khan conqueror Breidis Prescott.


This kid warrants at least a “keep your eye on him” type of recognition as he showed skill and toughness against the more experience and better known Breidis Prescott.  Sure, Prescott may be passed his prime nor does he have the momentum he once did but he still has his punch which was evident when he landed some good blows only to have them returned by Crawford almost instantly.


I like the way this kid handled himself in a short-notice big stage type of fight.  He showed poise, textbook skill, athleticism and toughness.  A couple of more good showings this year and he could be the Prospect of the Year.


Final Thoughts


I think if there were any MMA fans that had to “lower” themselves for whatever reason and caught Saturday’s fights, I’d like to see them make another argument on how boring boxing is.


What were your thoughts on Saturday night?  What are your thoughts with the fights coming up?  Let’s hear your opinions right here on Boxing IQ

Hopkins/Cloud Preview: The Future vs. The Past Will Determine Supremacy In Boxing’s Present Day

By: The Mad Boxing Genius


Boxing EventSaturday, March 9, 2013 there will be a party going down in Brooklyn, New York at The Barclay’s Center when IBF light-heavyweight champion Tavoris Cloud defends against the future hall of famer and seemingly “Forever Young” (and let us GIVE CREDIT to Alphaville – the original creator of the song Forever Young) Bernard Hopkins.


This is the boxing past vs. the boxing future for light-heavyweight supremacy in boxing’s present day.


As many, if not all Bernard Hopkins fights in recent years, the story that drives the event is weather or not the old man can pull off another victory against a young buck (in addition to becoming the oldest living champion in the history of boxing).


The legend of Bernard Hopkins really started when “The Executioner defeated the Puerto Rican terror Felix Trinidad who at the time was only 28 years old and Hopkins 36. The next real significant win over a young stud was against Kelly Pavlik (17 years Hopkins’ junior) who was picked by most, if not all the experts, to defeat Bernard Hopkins.  But of course, that went the other way as well. Then most recently, Jean Pascal (18 years his junior), the biggest name in Canadian boxing after he dethroned Chad Dawson also got executed by B-Hop. And even within the timeline of those signature victories, he still managed to defeated name stars like Oscar De La Hoya and Antonio Tarver.


Despite his loss to Chad Dawson his last time out, we’ve learned over the years to never count Bernard Hopkins out. His style, his experience and his talent will always outweigh his age, regardless if he’s 38, 48 or 58. He’s a true master of his craft – a psychological expert who uses mind games, timing, intelligence and a proper lifestyle to overcome any obstacles in his professional career. Bernard Hopkins is the epitome of forward thinking and wins his battles more so at press conferences rather than fights itself.


Tavoris Cloud is arguably the best light-heavyweight in the world today. He’s young, he’s strong, he’s confident and he loves to fight. However, no one man is invincible and in Tavoris Cloud’s last fight, he showed many holes in his game that play right into the hands of Bernard Hopkins.


In his last fight with Gabriel Campillo he seemed completely lost. He didn’t know what was coming at him nor did he know what to throw back. Gabriel Campillo kept him off balance, got his punches off first and was gone by the time Tavoris Cloud responded. Unfortunately for Mr. Campillo, he did not walk away with the decision that many thought was another black eye to the sport of boxing.


In any other situation, logic tells us that this no brainer in regards to who will come out victorious. But with Bernard Hopkins’ history and Tavoris Clouds’ natural talent but with chinks the armour, the legend that is Bernard Hopkins just may continue on after Saturday night!


Zute For Thought – By: Anthony Zute George

By: Anthony Zute George


Boxing EventAs Bernard Hopkins takes on Tavoris Cloud this weekend, I cannot help but think of when he all but fought his way out of the main event spotlight of the sweet science. After that dreadful rematch against Roy Jones Jr., Hopkins was done getting big fights, or so we thought.
Along comes Jean Pascal. After Pascal upset Chad Dawson, he called out, of all people “The Executioner”, who was literally at home, on the couch, just enjoying the sport he once cashed checks doing. Hopkins, who is no dummy and a smart businessman, jumped on the opportunity.

To Hopkins credit, he did entertain a bit more in the first Pascal fight than what we are use to seeing in a Hopkins fight (which is to say I did not have to fight to stay awake).

Hopkins did eventually get two fights out of Pascal and looked better than him each time. Breaking the record as the oldest man to win a boxing championship… Yippee! What a way to end a saga! Right? Wrong!

Chad Dawson felt he needed to try and crack the Hopkins code and did to some degree. Dawson is widely recognized as the winner over Hopkins in their second fight, their first fight ending abruptly and controversially.

Much to this writer’s approval, Dawson never whispers the name B-Hop again and instead parlays his win into a lucrative showdown with 168 pound king Andre Ward. The end of Hopkins. Right? Wrong!

It is Tavoris Cloud’s chance to once again give Hopkins legitimacy in a HBO main event. The premium network originally balked on the Hopkins resurrection when he fought Pascal, but has been drinking the “Cool Aid” ever since. I have no idea why the boxing world wants to keep investing in Bernard Hopkins, his fights as painful as a circumcision, and offer no real reward for his opponents.


Short of Cloud blowing Hopkins away in an impressive knockout, this fight provides absolutely no upside for him. I suppose I should just shut up, sit back, and watch the fight. If Cloud wants to get his shot at a true boxing legend, who am I to put a black cloud over it? After all, Cloud is a grown man and has a right to do what he pleases. The fact that I feel that he and the rest of the boxing world is out of their mind for constantly falling for the same act over and over and over again, then maybe I am the insane one!


Let us see, if we are all struggling to stay awake Saturday night that means I win. I hate to win at the expense of the sport I love so much. But, it appears to me the writing is on the wall on this one, in BIG BOLD WRITING!



I have to commend the networks for their early match ups though. HBO Boxing gave us a great triple header; led by Mikey Garcia’s coming out party over Orlando Salido. ESPN Friday Night Fights has given us some really top names in the sport, with Lamont Peterson vs. Kendall Holt leading the charge, and The NBC Sports Network has not lost any steam, continue to dial up competitive cards for the fans.

Showtime, well most of their really good fights have either been delayed or cancelled, which is why you get a Richard Abril vs. Sharif Bogere and a Ishe Smith vs. K9 Bundrage topping their early shows… but the effort is there.
While all the action has not been sizzling, it is a clear indication that boxing is not going anywhere and the stage is set for a huge 2013. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Saul Canelo Alvarez, Nonito Donaire, Andre Ward and Sergio Martinez still have yet to lace them up this year, meaning the best is yet to come. I’ll take it.

I would like to give a special shout out to the Mad Boxing Genius, glad to see he has not forgotten the sport of boxing and I am expecting a kick ass comeback. In fact I am demanding it! I will not allow you to go on hiatus again. Unlike B-Hop, boxing is not better with you out of the game.


Sergio Martinez vs Chavez Jr Results – Canelo vs Lopez Results and Undercards

By: The Mad Boxing Genius


It doesn’t matter how it begins it only matters how it ends as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr gets schooled for 11 rounds before knocking down a badly hurt Sergio Martinez on his way to an official loss. Sergio Martinez however didn’t back down or run away as he decided to give his best Arturo Gatti impersonation by staying in the pocket and gave as good as he got ’till the very bitter end.


Sergio Martinez gave his props to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. saying he’d grant him a rematch or face anyone for that matter next.  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr said he hurt Martinez more than anyone has ever hurt him.


Max Kellerman asked him what did his performance do for the Chavez name…IMO he did not enhance it but he did not humiliate the name either.


As for Canelo Alvarez vs Josesito Lopez, Canelo scored a 5th round victory over the man I’ve dubbed as “The Spoiler” over the last few days.  Josesito showed heart getting dropped 3 times but getting up every time just couldn’t find the magic he mustered up against Victor Ortiz.


As for the undercards, it went as planned. The HBO card with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Vs Sergio Martinez was “The” Main Event, The Showtime undercard was”The” undercard as Marcos Maidana stops Jesus-Soto Karass in a fight of the year candidate and the Daniel Ponce De Leon vs Jhonny Gonzalez fight was not too shabby either as Ponce De Leon wins via scorecards as a butt stopped Gonzalez’ night.


In the first fight telecast of Showtime, the old warrior Eric Morel retires on his stool against Leo Santa Cruz in the 5th. The ripping left hooks that Santa Cruz was landing was painful to watch and though it was a surprise, it wasn’t an absolute shock that the fight ended before the final bell.


On the HBO undercard Guillermo Rigondeaux wins a tougher than expected victory getting rocked several times by Robert Marroquin. Joachim Alcine, my Canadian countryman gets stopped in the 1st by Matthew Macklin in the first round.

Ringside Report: Adamek Stops Walker In Classic

By: Anthony “Zute” George


Heavyweight contender Toamsz Adamek (47-2, 28) survived an early scare against Travis Walker (39-8-1, 31), and provided the fans at the Prudential Center, in Newark, New Jersey, with the best heavyweight fight of the 2012 calendar year.

Walker went into the fight, not as an opponent, but upset minded, as he had his sights sent on his own title shots in the future. Walker’s heavy hands proved true, as he set up Adamek with a perfect jab, straight right combo that dropped him in the second round.

Adamek got up, yet still wobbly, as Walker went to work. Walker landed more heavy shots that staggered the Polish star into the ropes. Most observers at press row smelled the upset baking in the air. However Adamek, as he said after the fight, is a tough country boy.

Adamek weathered the storm, as Walker became wild, smothering his own punches by being right on top of Tomasz, after his heavy shots from long range worked so well in setting Adamek up.

Adamek not only got his legs back, he railed in the last minute of the round and dropped Walker with his own beautiful right cross. Adamek proceeded to pummel Walker as round two came to an end. The hyped up, pro-Adamek crowd, was so loud Tomasz, and referee Eddie Cotton, appeared to not hear the bell to end the end, as there was an extra 15 to 20 seconds of exchanges between the two fighters.

The crowd had every right to be ballistic as they just witnessed a candidate for round for the year. Walker said afterwards he did hear the bell, but explained that if he gets hit, he is going to hit back.

Walker continued to get hit, and hit hard, by Adamek. In rounds three and four, Walker still tried to hit back, but his punches seemed to not have the same snap and steam to them. The heavyweight from Tallahassee was getting gassed, and Tomasz Adamek was taking over this fight. A vicious flurry of combinations landed by Adamek in round five was enough for Cotton to call a halt to a classic heavyweight scrap at 1:08 of round five.


Walker explained after the fight that he often gets too excited when he has his man hurt, and as a result, he let the tough Polish start off the hook. This was exactly the type of performance Tomasz needed. After being dominated by Vitali Klitschko and looking more than ordinary against Eddie Chambers, Adamek is once again relevant in the heavyweight division. Main Events Promoter, Kathy Duva, said she had big plans for Toomasz Adamek after his impressive and highly entertaining victory.

In other action, Steve Cunningham dominated Jason Gavern in his heavyweight debut. Gavern just managed one round on one of the judge’s scorecards. Bryant By-By Jennings destroyed Chris Koval in 35 seconds. After his easy victory, Jennings told me he wants to fight on the Sepetember 21st card, which will air on the NBC spots network.

Junior lightweight Jerry Belmontes won a unanimous eight-round decision against Joselito Collado. Collado was game, but very much outclassed over eight rounds.

Lightweight Karl Dargan stopped Jessie Carradine at 1:04 of round 4. Dargan remains unbeaten at 11-0 with five knockouts.

Junior welterweight Jose Peralta (10-1, 6 KO’s) stopped Christian Steele (3-5, 1 KO) in the third round. Peralta threw crisp combinations after getting off to a slow start in round one, and continues to impress and improve.

Gennady Golovkin Must Not Be Avoided

By: Anthony “Zute” George


A star was born Saturday night on HBO and his name is Gennady Golovkin.  The middleweight champion demolished the very game, and respectable Grzegorz Proksa, GGG, as he fans call him and showcased elements of what use to be the gold standard for greatness in this sport.


Gennady showed proper foot work, moved both of his hands and landed punches that put a hurting on his opponent.  As a result, referee Charlie Fitch put a stop to the beating Proksa was taking at 1:11 in round five.  It was certainly refreshing to see a top champion not bore the house out, as we saw in the first HBO fight, and settle for a W12, by being safe and throwing one punch at a time.


It is not clear how Gennady’s career will go from him.  If boxing follows the status quo, he will be avoided by the top names in boxing.  He is still not that big a name but he is a major risk.  It should be mandatory that the Sergio Martinez vs. J.C. Superstar Jr. winner fight Gennady next summer.  Gennady has also called out every big name from 154 to 168.


Of course he wants it; he wants the payday for sure.  But I also see in Gennady a fearless attitude and he will not be satisfied unless he tests himself against the best in the boxing game today – another element missing from most pugilists today.
I am not saying Gennady is great, or should be at op The Boxing Prophets P4P list; there is no way to tell any of this based on one fight.  What I can tell you is he put himself on the map, and on my radar by showcasing skills other top names indeed have, but are so reluctant to share with us; although I am not sure how many equal this guy in power.  HBO needs to ride this guy and demand the top guys fight him. After all, you only know if you have a diamond if you apply the proper pressure.


Anthony “Zute” George is a contributor to BoxingIQ.com and one of the hosts of blogtalk.com’s internet boxing show Split Decision With Zute and The Prophet.  You can also catch his blog Zute For Thought exclusively here at BoxingIQ.com

Zute For Thought – Boxing Fall Preview

By: Anthony “Zute” George


How was everyone’s summer?  If you are like me, a boxing nut, then it was not that good.  The Olympics, a joke on so many levels, forced real boxing to take a back seat for most of the summer.  This worked out really well…didn’t it? I am a person with many faults. At the same time, I am a person who takes pride in a lot of things I stand for and one of them is I never bought into the hype of the Olympics and hate amateur boxing.

August was a slow month in particular for the premium cable channels in the world of boxing; however, the fists will fly in September in a major way. September is filled with big names, important fights, and head to head battles with the premium cable channels. September also features the big men of in a major way.

On September 8th, at the Prudential Center, Main Events is showcasing three major names in the heavyweight division.  Tomasz Adamek(46-2, 28), fresh off his victory over Eddie Chambers, takes on Travis Walker(39-7-1, 31).  Many people felt Adamek did not deserve the decision, as he struggled with Chambers, who fought with the use of only his left hand throughout most of the fight.

Former cruiserweight king Steve Cunningham, 24-4, 12, steps up to the heavyweight division to take on Jason Gavern (21-10-4, 10), in his big man debut.  Adamek and Cunningham faced each other at the cruiserweight level, with the Polish star besting the Philadelphian over twelve tough rounds.  Both Adamek and Cunningham are skilled fighters who use both hands and put punches together, a rematch between these two would be a boost for the otherwise luke warm heavyweight division.


Bryant “By-By” Jennings (14-0, 6) is another talent two handed heavyweight fighter who has received a lot of attention over the last two years and is on track to making heavyweight boxing in the United Sates of America important again. He looks to continue his winning ways on the Main Events card September 8th as well and takes on Chris Koval (25-9, 18). All three men have to not just defeat there opponents, but beat them in convincing fashion, to continue towards the path of big money fights in the heavyweight division.

On that same day, 41 year old WBC Heavyweight Champion, Vitali Klitschko (44-2, 40) defends his title against undefeated Manuel Charr (21-0, 11).  Charr is a German fighter, a relatively unknown commodity who can soon become very relevant with a good showing another the dominant Vitali. The winner of this heavyweight fight can possibly look to the three heavyweights featured on the Main Events card for future fights. Vitali has already made easy work of Adamek, but I am sure Tomasz would not mind a second crack at what some people think to be an aging Klitschko Brother.
HBO and Showtime also go head to head on September 8th.  HBO’s main event is a good one. Andre Ward (25-0, 13), fresh off of spectacular run on Showtime, ironically, takes on Bad Chad Dawson (31-1, 17), fresh off of his survival guide win over the dirty, methodical, and problematic Bernard Hopkins (52-6-2, 32). This is a true boxing pursuit fight and has a chance to be an unexpected classic.  My radio partner, The Boxing Prophet, is looking forward to this fight more than the “Superfight” of J.C. Superstar Jr. and Sergio Martinez. I do not blame him.

The biggest names of the sport are rumoured to be in fights in the final quarter of 2012 as well. Manny Pacquaio and Miguel Cotto for sure will be in action, against someone, while we all wait for Floyd Mayweather’s announcement on what is next, if anything, in 2012. The rumour floating around is that Pacquiao and Cotto may face off against each other. If this is true, it means Manny Pacquiao will continue to be the disgrace of boxing, not the face of boxing.  Really? Another Mayweather sloppy second, a guy who you already beat before he became a Mayweather sloppy second? This is what you are going to ask us to pay sixty bucks plus for… DISGRACE!


But it is no surprise to me. Manny has been a disgrace to the sport for a long time now. After his narrow escape, in a fight I felt he lost, in 2008 against Juan Manuel Marquez, many has jobbed us time and time again.

First up is David Diaz.  Need I say anymore?  Next up he goes for the big money against Oscar. Alright, capitalism rules I get that, but Oscar was already beaten by Floyd Mayweather at this point so why did Manny feel this was a challenge?. What would have happened had it happened the other way around? All in all though, I cannot kill Manny for this fight that much.  At that time, fight Oscar was the only way to make killer money in boxing. He gets a pass for that one.  However, the fraud which is Manny kicked in high gear with fights against Ricky “ Already Beaten By Floyd” Hatton (you only get one pass from me with that method), Miguel Cotto, who, at the time, was believed to be exposed by Antonio Margarito and struggled against Joshua Clottey prior to the Manny fight.  He then fights Clottey, then Margarito, not after his great victory over Cotto, but after he was disgraced by Shane Mosley and exposed as a cheater. Only Manny could have gotten away with giving Margarito a fight he had no business getting. Only Manny could build his legacy and wallet with fights like this and the public takes it.

The hits, however, keep on coming. Manny then fights Mosley, not after his great fight against Margaritto, but after his less than inspired performances against Floyd Mayweather and Serigo Mora. JOKE.

Manny then decides to give Juan Manuel Marquez a third chance.  Something he should have done prior to the end of 2011.  However, all of the Arum cronies and Manny groupies dismissed a third fight with Marquez as no longer competitive when they were defending his disgrace of a fight with Shane Mosley. Sorry you had to either be an Arum crony or a Manny groupie if you tried to tell me his fight with Mosley was his best option.


In your defence, you all told anyone, who was listening, that Manny would kill JMM at this point in their point in their careers. The once proud Mexican Warrior had nothing left is all I kept hearing. Then you all shamelessly jumped on board and treated Manny vs. JMM 3 as, once again, a legitimate fight. Only Pac Man can get away with this garbage.


However, this time the lie was exposed, JMM was a legit and tough fight for Manny.  The cries that JMM was no longer in Manny’s class were a myth that the fools who tried to sell it as such probably did not even believe. I know I never did and I cannot be that much smarter than you. Can I? I believe they just thought Manny would never resort to fighting JMM again.


After the fight, JMM gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson, by landed the stiffer shots, made Manny miss more than Manny made Marquez miss, and countered wonderfully whenever Pac Man did land anything of relevance. That is what a boxer does. However, the three blind mice disguised as judges gave the fight to Pacquiao.

The Arum cronies and Pac Man groupies soon went to work, justifying the decision by blaming it on JMM, and his trainer, Nacho Bernstein.  Somehow Nacho telling his fighter he was winning the fight in the later rounds meant it was justified for the judges to say the best Marquez did was win five rounds in that fight.  Really?  Come on.  Really? If JMM only won five rounds in that fight, I am the leading contender for GQ’s sexiest man alive contest…  ABSURD!

Freddie Roach, Manny, and even Arum realized that the stench of the JMM decision was still in the air, despite all of the clowns who tried to defend it. There were enough smart boxing people out there to know that the decision was pure BS. They knew they had to do something in their next fight to erase the stench. Served up, Timothy Bradley.


Bradley was an undefeated fighter, a hard worker, and a genuine nice guy.  Not even I, Manny’s biggest critic, could say much about this fight.  However I knew what the thought process was.  Bradley was undefeated, he was young, but he possessed no threat to Manny physically and in talent. He was not a big puncher or a guy who can put punches together with two hands. Bradley is a guy who keeps in great shape and would never give up, as shown in the fight.
As much as I do not like Manny Pacquiao, I know the attributes that make Timothy Bradley a successful boxer is not enough to beat a Manny Pacquiao, not even on his worst night.  To beat a Manny Pacquiao you have to possess power and be superior with your combinations and counter punching.  Timothy Bradley was not this type of fighter.  He was perfect for Manny to look good against.

Picking Bradley was a great strategy by Arum; even I thought it was going to work. Funny thing happened on the way to the office though. Manny looked very ordinary in this fight. He did not showcase the blistering combinations he usually shows, he was one punch at a time, and he slowed down immensely down the stretch.

If Bradley bought anything to the table in terms of power he would have won this fight, Manny was there to be beat, and Timothy just did not have the proper goods to beat a Manny Pacquiao.  It is good enough to beat Devon Alexander, Junior Witter, and Lamont Peterson, but not Manny Pacquiao.  My issues with Manny are not his skills.
Due to his lack of power, Bradley won at best won five rounds in this fight. However, the judges were not that kind to Manny on this night, (for reasons everyone has a theory on), and gave Timothy Bradley a fight he had no business getting.


Yes, the Manny folks went wild, how can this happen, this was an outrage. My response to this is simple, if you justified other bad decisions in the past because a guy sat on his lead in the last few rounds, then you have no gripe here, because it was the same exact thing. But since it was Manny…..I think you get the point.
Whoever many Pacquiao fights next, he needs to concentrate more on boxing and less on politics.  I do not think he is fading, I think he has lost his focus on boxing.  This is more of a disgrace than his choice of opponents. It is one thing to take advantage of the fans who love you so much, and who made you so rich, by taking the safe route. It is another thing to not show up and be one hundred percent focused on taking your opponent out of there.

People fell in love with Manny because he was once a killer in the ring, stopping guys who did not get stopped, like Marco Anontio Barrera and Erik Morales.  They would have never feel in love with a guy who was one punch at a time, fought sparingly in rounds, went through the motions against guys he was far superior to, and let guys off the hook when it seems he could have taken them out.  This is what Manny Pacquiao has been in one way or another in his last few fights, save the Marquez fight, where he was just beat, and I just do not know why I am the only one who is pointing this out.


Anthony George is a regular contributor of BoxingIQ.com with his Zute For Thought blog piece.  He is also the host of Zutes Boxing Talk on Blogtalk.com and Zutes Boxing Talk fanpage on Facebook.