Punches “N” Bunches “The 54th Edition” “Greetings from Tucson”

By:  Anthony Whitby


In truth, I limited my expectations beforehand going into last Friday nights bouts on SHOBOX. That’s not a knock against Showdown Promotions who in conjunction with Top Rank Inc. who put together a fun night of fights. That being said going into a fight card that had another “Cuban Fighter” and a Diego Magdaleno who I have always felt was the lesser of Magdaleno brothers let’s just say that this wasn’t going to be my cup of tea when it came to the fisticuffs we were about to encounter. On this night I am not sure if it was my ignorance got the very best of me I am glad it did and change my perceptions in many regards for that matter, maybe these promoters knew what they were doing all along.


The story begins with me in the ride picking up writers Ron Valderrama from Secondsout.com and Albert Alvarez from AZ Front Row Magazine. Hey if you are going to take the two hour trek down to Tucson what better way than spitting boxing talk with your peers right? We talked about the most recent news of El Terrible not making weight and went through our predictions over the coming weekend massive boxing line up. Switching the soundtrack of the drive from old drum and bass to some classic Reggie Noble got me psyched up for some good old’ fisticuffs.


We make it to the lavish Casino Del Sol resort and I got to say the place is beautiful. We grab are press passes and went to check out the seating arrangements and noticed I would be placed right next to Norm Frauenheim and to my left was Lee Samuels from Top Rank so I know much of night I would simply be a fly on a wall and for a boxing nerd such as myself it doesn’t get much better than this. Gerry Truax of Showdown Promotions looked excited for the fights to begin and he was pleased to tell us they sold the show out and that the Casino ended up opening up additional seating so all is well from this hidden fight town who knew?


It’s funny how this fight sold out and many weren’t sure it would while you know who did know, anyone who had paid attention to the Arizona boxing landscape that’s who. It’s a simple formula of supply and demand. While Local Shows in Phoenix without a “major” attraction (I say that respectably) are doing very well to point we are having calendar dates getting booked throughout the year. It would only make sense the fight town of Tucson where many fighters have traveled to over the years would be a viable market. The large crowd of fight fans got the atmosphere pumping.


As fate would have it we ran into 126lb contender Mikey Garcia where he stated he is ready for any champion at featherweight and hopefully by the end of the year he would have a strap. My spidey senses tell me his team will seek out the likes Celestino Caballero before they would of that of let’s say Orlando Salido.


Around this same time Albert ran into Javier “Pelos” Garcia who explained the misfortune that his dance partner for the night Jose Roman had gotten sick and his bout was cancelled. Being that I am high up on Jose Romans talents and that Javier is the nephew of trainer of the year Robert Garcia I was really hoping to see someone’s hand raised.


I missed the opening bout that Abie Han won in UD Fashion and was seated properly as Homero Fonseca vs. Andy Ruiz began these to large fighters cracked the night wide open. The overly pudgy Fonseca had the King Hippo stomach where I am pretty sure it could absorb even a left hook from Clubber Lang. Pick any cliché you want because within the first 30 seconds of the opening round Homero showed Andy that “just because you’re the A side with the lead promoter that there is a reason you are in the ring with me” Homero cracked Andy with a left hook that rocked the giant kid. Andy shook it off and rather than spatting back in an amateurish style he took his time regaining his composure and you could hear his corner lead by Miguel Diaz telling him to use the Jab.


The fight was a constant question of when will the hard shots of Ruiz is too much for the “Mexican Butter Bean”. Fonseca’s will and determination was of that hungry animal fighting on sheer instinct and was down on most rounds but he would get pounding shots off each round that just seems to really stun Andy and really test him. The crowd loved this fight and Norm said it best “this is a human version of two semi-trucks headed for a collision”.


If you were going to give Homero a round, then the fourth would have probably been it with a pair of “swinging for the fences” type left and right hooks landing upstairs Andy had to clinch and recover for a moment. Sitting at press row we were all impress at the damaging head shots both were receiving without the other giving any ground. The later rounds Homero’s nose looked to be definitely broken and you could tell he was having trouble breathing. In the end Andy Ruiz would receive a clean sweep unanimous decision and unfortunately afterwards I heard that Andy was sent to the Hospital to get his left hand looked at and that was the last I have heard let’s hope it’s nothing major.


Around this time I ran into David Benavidez the younger brother of Jose Benavidez Jr. and I wasn’t sure where the rest David was at because he looked dramatically thinner. You can tell he means business as he is going through his slim down. He did state he was hoping to get to possibly around 180lbs. for his upcoming amateur bout. We spoke briefly about his recent sparring opportunities and told him we have to get him and Jr. on the P”N”B Radio Show before his fight.


As the night began to hit a groove next up was Hanzel Martinez vs. Jose Tomayo lasted about half a round; all you need to know is Jose went in and gave Martinez a few solid hits to the chin and Hanzel returned the favor with a paralyzing uppercut it was good night for Tomayo to be put to sleep. Maybe I am Americanized a little and think it’s time for a 16-0 fighter to step it up in competition but regardless he is always fun to watch and to be fair he is a Tijuana fighter so in in comparison he can marinate a little longer if need be.


As for the opening bout for the SHOBOX telecast Yordenis Ugas vs. Juan Garcia: again Being that I wasn’t sold on everything I heard about Ugas and that Juan Garcia looked more shiny on paper at first glance, I thought we were headed to a dominating performance were we were more upset that Ugas let the fight go to the cards as oppose to closing the deal mid to late rounds taking the conservative Cuban approach if you will. The fact is bottom line is Juan Garcia had a style that refused to let Ugas fight in any manner he was 100% comfortable with and by the end of the night made Ugas look like he was hit with muscles relaxers because he refused to throw punches in the later rounds and that would be his demise. Garcia Started out fighting out with a nervousness built off of persistence and by the end of it was led through with confidence. I think Ugas is a tough nut to crack, his long arms allow him to shell up very nicely but Garcia’s body shots thrown out of frustration early on allowed for Garcia to look good in the later rounds when Ugas was doing his best interpretation of Joshua Clottey. Garcia was very effective by weaving into the inside and shooting off left hooks and wide rights to the body. I Know the fight ended in a semi shocking split decision personally I had it a draw because I scored the Ugas falling into the ropes as a knockdown from my vantage it appeared to be a legitimate case,  so a one point sway in any direction I am fine with. More importantly however that fight had the audience enthralled and not much more you could ask for at the end of the bout. “I felt good overall, this is a great feeling to come in here and beat a Top Rank Prospect in Ugas” Garcia would tell me after the bout.


With the fight fans ready for the main event Diego Magdaleno vs. Fernando Beltran Jr. the first three rounds were a clear dominant Diego Magdaleno getting off beautiful combinations and watching a fighter work the body as he was doing is an lost art in my opinion. I am not sure if it was Fernando spotting a hole in Diego’s game but in the fourth round he clipped Diego with a shot that sent Magdaleno to the floor. That being said you could easily score the round a 10-9 instead of the status quo 10-80 due to the work Diego did for the remainder of the round. “Fernando was my first lefty and it’s something I can learn from but I knew what was my mistake was, but I got back up and started to change my plan, a fighter can change in every round so you have to be a constant thinker in the ring and that’s what I did” Diego would tell me later after the fight was over. Both fighters would have their moments in round five but it was Diego that seem to get the best of Fernando. It was Round 7 seven when Diego finally started to lay the leather on Beltran that had many fans including myself angry at the ref for not stopping the fight on multiple times where Beltran looked like he needed a life raft. Hey I love a fight as much as the next man but Beltran didn’t look well from the first major blow of the round till the end when the Ref finally waived the fight off.  As the accolades ringside were prevalent talks of possible bout for Diego facing Juan Carlos Salgado were sounding off giving the Nevada fighter his first crack at a tittle. Not a bad fight but at one 130lbs. We all know who “The Problem” is. As Diego is setting his path at a title it is clear the kid has charisma and is only going to rise in popularity as time passes.


Much respect goes out to Carlos Alvarez of Team Benavidez, who helped translate for me in what ended up being my favorite moment of the entire night, talking to a bruised and worn Fernando Beltran Jr.  In a post-fight interview. First he would express to me “I am slow starter and adapt to the fight progressing as the fight goes, and felt that since Diego was throwing so many power punches that he was going to tire out and I would be able to come on strong” We talked about the stoppage “My father threw in the towel and but I felt I was going to get better regardless hopefully you guys like the fight. Fernando is a warrior who has stepped in the ring with many world class fighters so I had to asked about Diego’s power “He is a good fighter but his punches are quick and stuns you with speed but doesn’t hurt you like other fighters I have faced” Fernando went onto to explain that he normally faces at a smaller weight class and have faced harder punchers. Fernando took this fight on within a weeks noticed and it takes a certain type of fighter to step in the ring the way Berltran was supposed to be served up and he fought with much valor. Talking to him afterwards I felt that he really was disappointed in his father decision to throw in the towel. The humble conviction he would use in just his voice inflection made me feel for his case, even though I still hold my ground that the ref should of stop the fight earlier.


Onto the last bout of the evening was a cherry topper Trevor McCumby vs. Jose Rico it took less than two minutes for Trevor, a Cameron Dunkin fighter who has been looking to get in the ring for almost a year now gave the KO of the night crushing Rico to the floor and the crowd was pleased with the farewell bout. Afterwards I was happy to congratulate McCumby’s trainers Andy and Wayne Viers on their fighter and hope to see Trevor back in the ring very soon. No other way of putting it folks a good looking white kid with even a decent manager can travel well in this game. The eyes from the locals are staring only a matter of time before the casual fans began to hear the name Trevor McCumby.


I could go on and on but what you got take from this read is Boxing is sport not just about the main events, this wasn’t a PPV event I get that but this wasn’t Tim Coleman fighting in front of empty seats either. As we seen week after week of failures in the Texas Commission I see the trends in Arizona that are vibrant and lush for boxing.


The boxing fans here have been waiting for this renancaisse and yes its stretch and a slow cook I get that but credit these promoters for extended a branch to the Tucson fight seen it was huge payoff and Showdown Promotions is looking to do it again with a bigger venue and a bigger name on the marquee come this may with Antonio Margarito.


With that said I am out, you catch P”N”B radio show where we talk to the fans and talk the fight game Every Wednesday Night at 10PM PST, or you can catch the download as well.


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Punches “N” Bunches The 52nd Edition “The Standing Eight Count”

By:  Anthony Whitby


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, even with the limited boxing on TV or maybe lackluster fights if you will.  I hope you made it through and weren’t subjected to old reruns of prizefighter competitions on FUEL TV – let’s just get into it right away.  At least the gossip of the week is keeping the fight game interesting.


In my view the biggest fight of the weekend or most competitive turned out not to be that at all; Vicente Escobedo vs. Lonnie Smith took about as long a microwavable pizza.  With the former Olympian lighting up Smith now he will be on the Adrien Broner list of opponent’s and as the masses darling over “The Problem”.  Only very few will be picking Vicente in that match up if it ever pops off.  I said it before and probably say it again Escobedo’s may not be the coming of the next Pay-Per-View God but he is always fun to watch and I would suspect the same would go even if he ventured to “The Natti” for a Broner fight.


Truth is, wouldn’t a fight between Vicente Escobedo and Eloy Perez would be a huge in northern California?


Biggest upset of the week(end)  was Ponsaklek Wonjongkam brutally getting a pounding in the sixth round in a home country fight.  Sonny Boy Jaro, a native of the Philippines, was simply taking it to Wonjongkam.  Once Jaro saw the Thailand fighter was in trouble he went for the throat it was definitely unexpected and you can see how quickly the crowd went silent and were confused on what they just witnessed.  I suspect a rematch will ensure and you know what may the same outcome Pongsaklek has been fighting since the G funk era and sooner or later father time rears his head in the form of youth.


The last significant heavyweight fight in a minute went the way we all expected so not really much to say here folks.  Wlady did his thing and Mormeck was seen later cashing his check.  The “Klinch-ko” game plan was in effect in the first round so my eyelids began to drop.  But, the Ukrainians get his 50th KO, good for him and the if you listen closely he K bro haters hate just a little bit more.


Much like others fans at one point I was high up on Joan Guzman, eh times change I feel like he may compete and beat many B fighters but enough said about him for now.


I am running short this week sorry folks but there is tons of boxing rumors floating from Oscar’s news coming at today or Gamboa bouncing from Top Rank.  And oh yeah I am jacked up with excitement for this weekend anytime I can get a Mexico vs. Puerto Rico fight its good news to me!


Real quick shout out to all the participants and everyone who showed up at the Arizona Golden Gloves last week.


And don’t forget fight fans Arizona is sparking up with some more fight cards lining up next up is Showdown Promotion in conjunction with Top rank are bringing a SHOBOX card March 23rd called Firepower. Ticket info here http://tickets.solcasinos.com/ordertickets.asp?p=219&backurl=default.asp


Super-featherweight:  Diego Magdaleno Vs. Miguel Beltran Jr, lightweight: Jose Roman Vs. Rodolfo Armenta, welterweight:   Yordenis Ugas Vs. Juan Garcia, heavyweight: Andy Ruiz Jr. Vs. Homero Fonseca


Middleweight: Abraham Han Vs. Rahman Yusubov, super flyweight: Hanzel Martinez Vs. Alex Rangel, light middleweight: Juan Gonzales, light heavyweight Trevor McCumby, and Andrey Klimov will also be in separate bouts.


The wheels are turning in the sport we love so leave a comment below and lets chop it up. Other wise check out P”N”B Radio every Wednesday night at 10pm MST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aleckohut/2012/03/08/punchesnbunches-i-edtion-round-1


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Punches “N” Bunches The 51st “The Word Association Edition Double XL”

By:  Anthony Whitby


Alright Boxing peoples and Peepettes, it’s about that time for another edition of P”N”B and after 2 weeks and a ton of fight cards we have a little bit of a surplus of boxing talk to get to so we are moving quickly don’t turn around or may just get “glassed”.


Well let’s start by saying that as I have to own up to a few things and first and foremost Punches”N”Bunches was and always will be intended to be a weekly column.  The fact that the start of the year has been inconsistent is only a formality and I promise to the eight readers that I have, I will do better and my game has officially been stepped up.  My kiss and let’s make up gift is a double dose edition.  Truth be told I almost had my article done last week but got caught up with the inauguration episode of P”N”B Radio and put my colors away after that so last weeks unfinished master piece will be added to here.  Enough crying already let’s get into this past weekend’s fights.



Taking it from the top, Devon Alexander vs. Marcos Maidana:



While my opinion is only worth about 1/100 of a cent, Maidana’s weight transformation to 147lb. wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be… seems only fitting saying this wearing hindsight glasses I know.



Maybe The recipe to beat the Argentinian is laid out on “how to beat “El Chino” one part speed, one part movement and add a solid chin as needed you or you can substitute chin with an incompetent referee (see Khan vs. Maidana for a reference)



For being an advocate of Marcos Maidana it’s troublesome to see how long it takes for him to have to be ready to fire off shots and it got to the point that I was zeroing in on the fact that he has some sort three step process or checklist that is calculated before he even throws his punches.  In other words don’t expect him to fire off a barrage of punches off balance.  Am I selling all of my “Chino” stock?? No but I hate to say it though, power and pressure only gets you so far.  I love watching him fight and always will but now I think he will go back to “fun to watch status” until he can make a serious mark.  He had the opportunity this weekend and wasn’t able to own the moment.



As for Devon Alexander, he looked his best since the Juan Urango fight.  I will say that I was “hating” on his team for only taking this fight if it was a 10 rounder.  I understand the danger that Maidaina is since he’s the Jason Voorhees of boxing but even though the late rounds favored the kid from “the lute”, in this case it robbed him of gaining the recognition of stopping a killer in the ring in Maidana who was looking very shaky towards the end.  The Risk of the extra rounds was worth the reward.



I will also give Devon much respect for taking on such a brute force, keep that in mind when other fighters aren’t even willing to take on Paulie Malignaggi.  Devon tamed a beast in the ring and made him look normal.



As for the Eloy Perez vs. Adrian Broner fight: this one pulls at my heart a bit  because Eloy Perez, a classy fighter, got double clipped against the Bobby Brown microphone wearing Broner.  Look I am never doubted Broner’s skills and attributes as the champ has the goods.  I just hate when he has to know it.  It’s like the hot girl who knows she’s hot, makes her a little less hot in my opinion.  It’s odd because when in interviews at times he can sound humble and feels lucky to be where he is at and then a voice in his head tells him to flip the “Mayweather” switch and then he goes and says some heinous things for attention and I am completely turned off.



Eloy will go back to Salinas and regroup and I am sure he will be placed in a SHOBOX type card and will go back to climbing the mountain and quite frankly I am not sure how long Broner will stay in the wasteland division.  If he stays long he will simply stay the king of a no man’s land. Some people are chanting a fight with Yuriorkis Gamboa, though it’s a solid match up they are on different paths and unlikely to ever meet.  Gary Russell wouldn’t be a bad match up but he may be a little green and I am pretty sure they are homies; on top of that the Haymon connection is there, thus again unlikely.



Anyways any fans of flashy, slick, trash talking fighters who can back it up gain a new icon in Broner good for you guys, just a shame it came at the expense of a well-mannered kid in Perez.  Hey this is boxing the nice guys rarely win.  See Andre Ward as a clear exception to that rule however.



The Fight that had my blood pumping this weekend was The Alexander Povetkin vs. Marco Huck fight. Not to over shoot my enthusiasm but this was the best heavyweight fight in years… YEARS!  One more time for effect best heavyweight fight in years, I am not saying it was The Thrilla in Manila.  Simply supporting that this fight was awesome back and forth action a lot of punches thrown, great stuff.



Can’t believe I am going to do this but commentator Dan Rafael was correct banging on the referee for his constant involvement of breaking up the fighters.  Shame on the rumors that Povetkin will be taking Hasim Rahman next rather than granting Huck a rematch which he rightfully deserves if that fight comes to fruition the guys at “In the Corner Radio” I am sure will bring up the crazy stat on how Rahman continuously gets tittle shots even though he is  a hollowed fighter.



Marco Huck won that fight hands down.  Huck’s hammering right hand was landing all night and even had a stiff enough jabbed to stun Povetkin at times.  The Russian did well on the outside but his down fall was seemingly putting his head down time and time and when Huck timed it right he was able to inflict much damage on the WBA regular octane champion.



Alright so for last week’s fight let’s play a game of word association just for kicks;



Texas:  Home to the best commission in Boxing.
Lies:  See Example above.



Chris Arreola: Mistaking called Don King a Racist


Don King:  Doesn’t discriminate on who he steals and cheats out besides that’s the American way.  Truth be told if Don King did in anyway shape or form use a derogatory term against Mexicans, than screw Don King and the Latino Shrek had every reason to call him out, and hey anytime I can see Jim Grey squirm is a great day in my book.



Jim Grey: “No No No No we are not doing that” think he just did Jimbo (insert smiley face here)



Erik Molina: Gave it his best shot, to bad it woke up the Nightmare and he was the one put to sleep. (uhh probably worst use of puns ever)



Malik Scott:  Fighter who looked good I want to see again and has an underrated trainer.



Alfonso Lopez:  Forgot to cut or shoot in this case and biggest win probably ever for Justin Williams



SHOWTIME:  Thank you for showcasing undercard bouts on SHOWTIME EXTREME
HBO: Step your game up



Williams vs. Ishida:  Proof that 120 to 108 fight can be entertaining



Where does Ishida go from here:  Undercards of Canelo fights I guess, oh and back in the rumor mills of how bad he looks in the gym. Truth is I like watching him fight not sure why but I do.



Where does Williams go from here:  Well apparently the once most feared man in boxing has a fear of the one James Kirkland you know what I am saying.
PWilli: Is he back? Not a hundred percent more like 75% and that’s enough to make a sleuth of great fantasy fights that we won’t see.



Shawn Estrada:  So the SoCal fighter came in at cruiserweight when he fights at 168lbs. Big deal there is this guy who is the son of a legend who can tops that going from Middleweight to Cruiser weight in one night. (Disclaimer only in Texas)



Mike Dallas:  Rebound fight was good for him



EPIX:   The network of heavyweights, which I am very content with I love how they pick the Euro fights, good for them and good for fans. From what I hear about their streams bad for boxing heads that don’t subscribe to the channel.



Klitschko Ring Entrance – Makes American fighters jealous



Derek Chisora – Crazy bloke who can sell a fight, fight 12 rounds with a one arm giant and then have the stones to get glassed by the Hayemaker.



David Haye- Chisora is Hood, and David Haye is Hollywood (in the actor sense) who throw’s a bunch holding a bottle like that. A man who blames his biggest moment of careers on his effing toe that’s who

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Punches “N” Bunches “The 50th Edition” aka Welcome Back P”N”B

By:  Anthony Whitby


Well boxing heads I hope you have enjoyed the time away from P”N”B.  A little time off never hurt anyone except maybe boxers… the irony.  It’s been many moons since the last edition and rather than keeping everyone chomping at the bit lets unload what we have to fire off.  So put on your heads phones, lock your computers and step away from your desk and go find a spot in the break room to sit down and enjoy.


On a side note this article was fueled by some jet fuel coffee and some Black Keys as the soundtrack, now back to your normal P”N”B edition.


So we will work backwards rather than sticking to my normal format and we will begin by discussing the sexy topic at this current moment.


People are clamoring over the idea of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. “Sugar” Shane Mosley on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Miguel Cotto come May 5th and though I know I am wrong, dead wrong to believe that they or you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.  The truth is any of your first instincts are spot on and mine are not.  Now that we have that out of the way, I disagree with all of you!  Not yelling from the bell towers but rather hanging on the sidewalk talking to myself. The truth is this fight or this type of fight happens every weekend in boxing I believe the phrase “old lion vs. young lion” will be thrown all over the commentary for this fight.  Look let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment it’s not like the fire headed youngster has been taking on primo competition to begin with and essentially this would also be another cliché of a “win or go home” bout for Shane Mosley.


I know Mosley has looked bad and I know he has fooled us three times in a row but wouldn’t that also imply that if ever he had one bullet left in the chamber this is where he needs to use it.  Fine maybe I am justifying the fight to much, but I believe it will be more entertaining than you probably think it will be.


We joked that the Pacquaio fight for Mosley was part of the Pacquaio pension plan.  Consider the fight with Canelo as being the “Golden Boy Parachute bonus”.


Also on the card is Peter Quillien vs. WInky Wright… I know right!  OMG the fight we have all been begging for!  The effort it takes to type about this fight isn’t worth doing so there I won’t.


Now my one fight that was being mentioned was a bout between Robert Guerreo vs. Paulie Malignaggi. You may remember Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero as the fighter who has in recent months done his best to do a mirrored interpretation of Vanes Martirosyan by calling out every fighter that BoxRec lists and then once a dance partner comes up Robert decided to sit this one out claiming Paulie isn’t worth it.


But this is exactly the type of fight that Robert needs if he wants to break into the welterweight division.  Besides, what happen to the Marcos Maidana fight?  Or hey by the way how’s the recovery from surgery?  All I am saying is you can’t sit there and talk a big game and then sit on the bench come game time.  Paulie is a legitimate and formidable opponent in this case and the fact that the ghost declined the fight just looks bad not even a pound for pound publicist can rationalize or spin the collateral damage.


What makes this even worse to say is that I like Robert and always wish nothing but good things for the man but he does deserve some heat for this one people.


Anyone hating on the Mayweather vs. Cotto or Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley then I think those fans have earned their right to feel that way but I encourage you to refrain from doing so.  Outside of Floyd fighting Manny these bouts are widely warranted and respected bouts.  Relax people.


A mini rant if you will: I am sick of hearing the case of “why”!  Why would they face other when they can fight lesser opposition for 25-30Million? That plan has the potential to eventually back fire and risk one of the PPV champs some serious ego blows.  Thus implying again Bradley or Cotto could derail the pretty little make-believe dream we all long for.  A two story house a picket fence 2.7 kids and Mayweather vs. Pacquiao shown on Saturday afternoon on ABC.


Walk it off and lets keeps moving


I will be writing an article for Undisputed Magazine and wanting to make sure I get enough votes on an article I am doing on what will be a better fight, the Mayweather vs. Cotto or Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley take the survey here  https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/questions/3168867990767/


Let’s move on.


Notice how there is no talk of last week’s Friday Night Fights???  Yeah that was intentional anyone see the riots at the Argentina boxing matches crazy stuff man


I know some of you guys are dying for me to talk about the Chavez Jr. fight and I am just spent on the topic for now maybe once P”N”B Radio is up and running.  You can call in and we will chop it up but for now I am simply trying to get the ring rust off.  Besides who wants to talk about cruiserweights? Uhg.


As for the next topic last week I attended a press conference in Tucson discussing the upcoming SHOBOX card with Showdown promotions in conjunction with Top Rank set for March 23rd.


Diego Magdaleno is the main event and in supporting cast of Hanzel Martinez and Juanito Gonzalez  will also be in separate bouts.


I spoke with Hanzels’ manager and brother in law who just so happens to be Antonio Margarito and coming off the heels of witnessing the Chavez Jr. fight I asked home why he thought he should be mentioned when discussions of the kid with the silver spoon fights again.  Through translation of the young light middleweight Juanito Gonzales I asked Margarito what makes him think he can beat a cruiserweight Chavez Jr. and respectively responded “he has never been in the ring with someone that can hit like me”.


Interesting note:  Credit to writer Norm Frauenheim who asked Margarito how he would like to be remember once he hangs up the gloves and I can only paraphrase since my recorder was off but Tony did respond stating he wanted to thank the fans who have followed him throughout his career and that he left everything in the ring and that he gave it his all every time he stepped in the ring.


Say what you want about Margarito but when he spoke at the presser for his fighter Hanzel Martinez all eyes were on him and his salesman ship was dead on.


We will feature more from this fight cad as time goes by


ARIZONA Boxing Beat:


Where oh where to begin?  Seems only fitting that in the desert that the boxing scene reflects similar weather patterns it’s been pretty slow since the closing out of 2011 in yawning fashion then you wake up and Bam we have a laundry list of things to go over.


First let’s start with Iron Boy Promotions Card this Friday at Celebrity Theatre that has such fighters on the card as:


Amateur fighter Luis Espinoza – who I am looking forward to witness live. I hear tons of good things about the kid, even my boy from Indio Jacob Najar is high up on the kid and I trust Najars Boxing eye ever since he warned about an upset that was brewing many moons ago.


Also amateur fighter Francisco C’De Vaca cousin of Alexis Santiago who also took the trip to get some work in over at Mayweather gym.


Chris Lopez- a fighter I know little about however trains only a hop skip and jump away from mi casa therefore I hope he becomes a world champion one day and reps Sonny’s Gym to the fullest so I can walk to a reporting gig on a weekly basis, (make it happen Chris!)


Abel Ramos- big strong kid who can crack need I say more?


Juan Garcia – what’s to be said about the young man who is a seasoned vet had a string of bad luck and losses and after regaining massive confidence in a upset win against Hector Serrano last year is looking for a homecoming bout to keep him busy. For a kid who cant catch a break I am glad to see him get some rounds in this Friday.


Emilio Colon Garcia- well let’s hear it from the MexiRican in a prepared statement:


“This training camp has been the best for me ever. I am in a good place and I feel great. I’m just being me and doing what I was supposed to do a year ago which is to treat boxing like a career and business not just a sport or a job. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to train with Chuck McGregor for this fight. We make a good team. My whole team really works hard together and we do it the right way and we have fun while we do it. I can’t wait for this fight. I am ready to show everybody that I haven’t been hiding but I’ve been focused. Chuck is from Chicago and he is old school and that is what I love most about training with him. He has taught me a lot of new things that are making me a better, stronger, and smarter fighter. It’s going to be a good show and I am very excited to fight on the same card as my cousin Juan Garcia.”


In the main event is Alexis Santiago who will be followed in the ring by his new trainer out of Las Vegas Roger Mayweather (ever heard of him?).


I spoke with Alexis “Beaver” Santiago at length last Sunday and I can tell you the young bantam weight is hungry “I am anxious to fight I have been training harder than I ever have with roger and just staying in the gym hours at a time”.


Knowing Beaver long enough and following his career I had to ask him since he sparred with Guillermo Rigondeaux and Nonito Donaire I asked him who he thinks who win between the two? “Rigo would win.  He is a better boxer and counter puncher”.


Personally I have interviewed Alexis many times before a fight and there is something different maybe it’s the expectations that comes along with his world class trainer I am not sure maybe I will see it come Friday night but this Beaver seems a little angrier more tenacious if you will than the kid in the past has shown. Maybe he is excited just to get back in the ring at this point.


I know he has been lined up for fights only for fight after fight card to fall apart or opponents drop out so I know he is hungry for some work.


You would think the AZ Boxing beat stops here but the beat goes on and the beats goes on


Phoenix fighter Jesus Ernesto Gonzales Jr. is fighting this weekend in a IBF inter galactic title against Adonis Stevenson.  All opinions aside this is a legitimate ESPN fight type of a fight that is not on ESPN. Thankfully we have boxing heads like Tony Gastelum.


Now I don’t have Fight Now TV but I do have a Laptop with an HDMI chord if you catch my drift now I just need an awesome fan to send me a……..link…… (ya I said it)


Jesus Gonzales Jr. has been dying for a break through fight to get his name in the mix and he is going into the north country to earn his stripes. I wish him nothing but the best because he is going to need it. This isn’t an easy test for “El Martillo” but that has never been his style to take the easy road either now has it. I hope you all have the sense to watch this fight by any means necessary I find it hard to believe you would be disappointed.


I will end with some news about Jose Benavidez Jr.  While in Tucson I spoke with a Top Rank associate who said Jose is recovery well from his injury and they were lucky to hear there was no tear in tendons or muscles no broken bones in his wrist it was a simple procedure to remove cartilage and hope to get him back in the ring my May sometime.


Hey 2,000 words in first time up to bat this year not bad huh.  Okay well I hope to see you at the fights


You can reach me hear https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1537481657&ref=tn_tnmn

or on the corner of “help support your local boxing events” avenue.


Oh and PS. Punches “N” Bunches Radio is slowly brewing but it is almost ready to be unveiled so be patient young grasshoppers.

Punches “N” Bunches XXXXVII – “There can only be one” edition

By:  Anthony Whitby


Welcome to another edition of P”N”B, it’s been a rainy week in the desert which is a rarity of its own much like zero controversy in a major title fight.



Saturday night we saw a clean solid and legitimate title bout between arguably the number and number two in the super middleweights in the division.  I am not on the Lucian Bute bandwagon, stating that he is the ”Uno” nor the “Dos” at 168lbs but he is a solid “tres”.



It took a two year long tournament to allow the smoke to clear and left one man standing in the room in Andre Ward only to have a Romanian-Canadian to be awaiting his door step the question will be if the S.O.G.  will answer the call.



As it appears the Golden Boy slide onto SHOWTIME is becoming more prevalent and it seems only fitting that Bernard Hopkins would be calling out Lucian Bute.  I wonder if that is more likely than Andre Ward traveling to the country up north.



As for the final bout of the Super Six Tournament I scored it 117 to 111 for bay area warrior.



I loved how tuned into reality Carl Froch was after the fight he was accurate about having an “off night” even his ring entrance seemed more bland and dry would in turned mimic his performance.



I pretty much saw the best Andre Ward I have seen to date and he worked the balance between offensive and defense beautifully.



Froch’s game plan of winging off shots from the get go seemed ineffective and Ward had the proper remedy to counter the Nottingham fighter.



For those who play the pound for pound game and sure will slurp all over this win I just hope they realize the kid from the stack reppin Oaktown should bump the place of where you had Nonito sitting… right?



My last words on this is that many believe that the fight game is moving towards more globally and even in America more towards a Latino demographic.  However, it bodes very well to see Andre Ward succeed not only as an American in a division more known to be ruled by European fighters but maybe we have the next great African American fighter who in contrast is much different than the predecessor in Lil Floyd.



Folks I know I am chopping up the column but in due time you see or rather hear why so until next time Happy Holidays I am out

Panel Prediction: Ward vs Froch

By:  BoxingIQ.com


Jeff Mayweather

Jeff Mayweather

Jeff Mayweather

I pick Ward by decision Froch is a very durable fighter and also has pretty good boxing skills but to me he can’t out box or out think Ward I honestly thought he lost to Dirrell got some home cooking there. I think Ward will out box him to a unanimous decision but I also think Froch will have a couple good moments in the fight as well

**Jeff Mayweather is a world renowned trainer who stands in the corner with many up and coming fighters and champions including WBA featherweight champion Celestino Caballero who will be fighting this December 31st in Japan against Satoshi Hosono.  You can also catch Jeff at his boxing website @ http://www.ProBoxingInsider.com **


Cornelius Bundrage

Cornelius Bundrage

Cornelius Bundrage

I like Andre Ward, he’s a Christian.  Hard 2 go against that, but Froch is unpredictable. Ward by decision.

**Cornelius “K9″ Bundrage is a former participant on the reality show The Contender and is the current I.B.F. light middleweight champion of the world. **




Scott Pemberton

Scott Pemberton

Scott Pemberton

Ward is gonna bust his ass.  Fundamentallly he (Froch) makes a lot of mistakes… Ward’s gonna bust his ass by decision

** Scott “The Sandman” Pemberton is a retired #1 contender and world title challenger for the I.B.F. super middleweight title. **




John Raspanti

John Raspanti

John Raspanti

The bottom line is this. Carl Froch is a better fighter since the Super Six Boxing Classic began, but so is Andre Ward.  Andre Ward will win by unanimous decision over Carl Froch in a hard fought battle.

**  John Raspanti is a feature writer and covers boxing events for DogHouseBoxing.com.  Catch his preview on tonight’s big fight between Andre Ward and Carl Froch @ http://www.doghouseboxing.com/John/Raspanti121211.htm



Ronald Cameron

Ronald Cameron

Ronald Cameron

Ward UD. It will be close for the first 8 rounds, but Ward will take command and out-work Froch and bust him up in the late rounds. One question: Will the winner of this fight be in consideration for the 2011 Fighter of the Year?

** Ronald Cameron or “RC” is a feature writer at this very site BoxingIQ.com  Catch many of his previews and flashback articles right here. **





Anthony “Zute” George

I am not predicting a winner on this, just a sucessful night for boxing. I have no idea who is going to win the fight, but we all win on the night.

**  Anthony “Zute” George is the host of Zutes Boxing Talk.  You can also catch his Zute For Thought column right here on BoxingIQ.com  For his show visit http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/zutetalk  **


Anthony Whitby

“Ward wins a scrappy unlcear split decision”

** Anthony Whitby is a feature writer here at BoxingIQ.com  and also is a correspondent for the fight scene in Arizona.  Catch his column “Punches N Bunches” every Monday right here on BoxingIQ.com **


Richard Solomon “The Boxing Prophet”

Despite all the obstacles the tournament has faced, Kessler, Taylor and Dirrell all withdrawing because of injuries;postponements and a disqualification-Ward and Froch were the top two performers throughout, creating a credible finale.


Both have raised their profile. Ward is America’s last Olympic gold medalist (2004 Athens), but was without a world title or much notoriety when the tournament began. Now he has won the WBA belt and has successfully defended it three times.


Froch was virtually unknown two years ago, but now his rugged, fight-to-the-finish style has earned him fans in the United States.


Froch is a better boxer than given credit for, but his strength is his conditioning and ability to finish strong.
Ward is a technician who has great hand speed, reflexes, foot movement and defense.


PREDICTION:There’s no quit in either fighter, which should produce a competitive bout. I like Ward to win a close decision. The “BOXING PROPHET” has spoken!!!!!!

** Richard Solomon aka “The Boxing Prophet” is a feature writer for BoxingIQ.com .  He brings his vast knowledge with a mix of humour reminding everyone that although boxing is serious business it still supposed to be fun!**

Punches “N” Bunches XXXXII – “The Khanvoluted Edition”

By:  Anthony Whitby


Ladies and Gentleman let us begin by saying this: Let’s just jump into some sporadic notes form the Khan Peterson fight.  No order nor rhyme or reason applies just quick shots to the dome my friends. Let’s go.


I like Seth Mitchell and pay  little mind to the late start of his career but I am not going to jump on the hype train just yet and still say he needs to build solid creditable wins here in the states here first off and on Saturday night he looked to work towards just that.


By the way in fantasy matchup dreams, Seth Mitchel vs. Amir Mansour (I Say fantasy because I think it’s highly unlikely to ever happen)


Round one of Khan vs. Peterson felt more like a five minute round.  Amir Khans ability to bum rush and intimidate with movement alone was prevalent.  In my view it shook Lamont and thought the Beltway fighter was going to be in trouble.  Then in Round three Peterson found the body and felt more relaxed and confident in his own defensive abilities.


Man when Khan gets on his 10speed he heads for the mountains that’s for sure.


I would love to see Victor Ortiz vs. Amir Khan at 147lbs. Call me crazy but honestly think it would be a huge fight.


Rounds six Khan began to silence much of Petersons work by jabbing efficiently.


The Body Shots Peterson was attacking with made Kahn run and was a telling sign in my book that uppercuts and good body shots is the blueprint on “How to beat Amir Khan”


Am I crazy to think that Freddy Roach fighters are more receptive to eating uppercuts?


I stand alone enjoying the refs work in the fight. I am serious there was no injustice on Saturday night.


It’s not often me and Harold Lederman share the identical sore card. 113-112 for Khan


So David Haye is they guy who wears his sunglasses at night (yeah)
Hey I am content with the controversy yes probably because I was rooting for Peterson maybe its karma for the Maidana fight?  Maybe it’s karma for this fight and not so much on the pushing off but more so on the pushing the head down and at the same time fighting backwards any time trouble arose.


Honestly you may believe my biasness is unjust but in the most simplistic way I will state something that could lead into a whole article but if you are angry with Peterson winning a tough gritty and gully fight against an elite fighter, I believe you’re mistaken. Lamont and has earned his stripes while other champions are handle belts because of freckles, last names, or managers that sway the sport.  Peteron is a rougue fighter and is very much entitle to share ranks of being called a champion.


Is it fair to say that weather you believe Peterson won or not that he is more of title winner than let’s say Adrian Broner when he beat who again (thought so, that my friends is check mate)?


And just so we are clear I loved the press guy in the ring wearing the “press hat” after the fight.


Khan kept saying he was a much cleaner fighter.  Cleaner?  Really? Or Sprinter?


I will probably never say this again but Kellermans ending statements were 1000% dead on.


Why did Larry Merchant’s closing statements feel or sound like they were closing statement’s after a fifth of vodka?


In my closing on this topic I will say anyone who wants to claim Lamont was handed a strap I argue the guy fought 12 rounds just as hard as he has fought his whole life, he has a track record that speak deservingly of a title tenfold over other so called champions so I commend his performace and hope he gets as many title bout paychecks he can get.


And if Khan wants a rematch have the sore loser fight Marcos Maidana first, ‘nuff said let’s move on.


I wasn’t able to watch the Segura vs. Viloria fight but will say respect goes to the Hawaiian Punch for doing something had no clue he could do and that is beat Segura. Word is Giovanni is in the hospital with a broken orbital bone. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery for the kid and congratulate a big win for Brian Viloria.


Arizona Boxing Beat:

First off big ups to Fanbase Promotion sending out a press release on Jesus Ernesto Gonzalez stating the case for El Martillo and how much he wants a fight with the mainstay fighters at 168lbs. it was nice to see some vigor that is merited for the Phoenician super middleweight.


Also last week Alexis Santiago was sparring with none other than the Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire. Also at this time it seems Nonito has picked Beaver up as sparring partner prepping the bay area fighter for a fight against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr.


And finally local boxing protégé Jose Benavidez Jr.  is slated to return to a fight in the valley ticket info here Tickets to “RUMBLE AT THE RIVER III: THE FUTURE” are on sale now. The entire floor seating is $50.00 and balcony seating is only $35.00 www.wingilariver.com or call 1-800-WIN-GILA to get your tickets also on the fight card is Juanito Gonzalez light middle weight prospect.


Hey some were asking what happen to last week’s edition and or the P”N”B first annual greatest hits edition and truth is: file corruption of documents is a mean beast and recovery is not my forte.


Some good news is a I am working hard on P”N”B radio so be assured that we are only moving forward my friends.


Check out my new article in the December issue of Undisputed Fight Magazine.


That’s it people its finals week and many deadlines for myself you can reach me here