Random Thoughts…

  • After a slow start to the new year for boxing, spring time has arrived.  There is now pretty much a meaningful fight every week at least until the end of June.


  • Evander has to see that he cannot win the undisputed title even in this era of heavyweights.  Who wouldn’t take on the 4-time heavyweight champion of the world as a trainer?


  • Why is Bob Arum throwing out Antonio Margarito’s name for a possible opponent for Manny Pacquiao?  Either he wants to get one more squeeze out of him or he wants to restore him by piggy backing off of the biggest draw in the sport.


  •  Andre Berto appears to have what it takes to be one of the very top stars of boxing once the current ones step aside.


  • Happy that Timothy Bradley is finally going to get a well profiled fight against Marcos Maidana.


  • If Kelly Pavlik defeats Sergio Martinez without any controversy, all boxing fans around the world will come down with a sudden case of short-term memory…and rightfully so!!!


  • After what the WBC did to Devon Alexander, you have to question the whole concept of karma.


  • Seems like a sport that is supposedly kicking boxing’s ass, the staple organization of MMA, The UFC, seems to not be doing so well after last Saturday night.


  • Stay tuned for predictions for this week-ends’ fights right here on BoxingIQ.com and BoxingCinema.com

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