Predictions For The Entire TV Card for Bernard Hopkins vs Roy Jones

Bernard Hopkins vs Roy Jones Jr

Both men will be determined tonight to score the victory tonight.  Bernard Hopkins is itching for revenge from their 1993 match where Bernard dropped a decision.  Roy Jones Jr. believes he has Bernard’s number.

No matter how much luck you have or how skilled you were, if you stay in the game long enough, your body will betray you.  And in Jones’ case, his body has betrayed him at least four times.  He got knocked out and lost a decision to Antonio Tarver.  His knockout loss to Glen Johnson was just plain scary and then he got pancaked in his last bout against Danny Green.

Roy has become a four round fighter losing steam as the fights and career goes on.  I do believe he’ll be more mentally focused and in great shape.  Plus you have to take into consideration Berard’s very technical skills and mental temperment.  This is  why I’ll give Roy the benefit of the doubt and predict he’ll go the distance.  Don’t however expect him to be spectacular or even competitive after the 4th round. If he does get knocked out again, expect it to come late, very late, from a sneaky right cross from The Executioner.

Rocky Juarez vs Jason Litzau

The American Boy had something but slick skills weren’t one of them.  In his two loses, both getting stopped in the 8th round, expect another knockout loss from the power punching Rocky Juarez.  Jason Litzau is the fighter he’s going to be.  The methodical and lackadaisical Juarez who can’t or won’t go after his opponents will use his strengths well against a man who’s easy to find.

Sergio Mora vs Calvin Green

Seeing no action in almost 2 years (19 months to be exact), The Latin Snake Sergio Mora is being put in very soft against unheralded Calvin Green.  If rust isn’t a factor, this could be Sergio Mora’s first knock out since early 2008 and only the 6th of his career.

Ismayl Sillakh vs Daniel Judah

Ismayl Sillakh is known as a very accomplished amateur boxer with an undefeated record and a punch.  Daniel Judah is known as Zab Judah’s brother.  Ivaylo Gotzev of Elite boxing management obviously has a lot of confidence in Ismayl Sillakh as they should be.  Expect another underachieving Judah to fall short once again.  If he feels Ismayl Sillakh’s power early, expect Daniel Judah to do everything he can to survive and lose a lopsided decision.

Final Note

This entire card means absolutely nothing in the landscape of boxing.  There’s no wonder HBO didn’t want any real direct link to this.  To ask people to pony up $50 to pay for this is insane.  Hey!  If you fall for it, you deserve it.


  1. Jay says

    Bernard is gonna knock him out. Roy needs to retire for the benefit of his family and his health.

  2. Aurora says

    At least Arum puts on decent main events. This card makes no sense. Bernard by knock out.

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