Mayweather/Mosley Keys To Victory and Prediction

By:  Joseph “The Mad Boxing Genius” Torres

The first Super fight of the year is ready to take place.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley promises to be an exciting bout that will finally pit these two future Hall of Famers together in the ring.  In addition, it will determine who will likely face Manny Pacquiao later in the year to finally establish undisputedly, who the best fighter in the world is.

Floyd Mayweather’s Keys To Victory

This fight isn’t rocket science.  The man who is able to establish the tempo of the fight will be victorious.  Floyd has been unstoppable at making his opponents fight his fight.  He is able to skilfully set the tempo of the fight at a relatively slow pace.  Doing this allows him to read his opponents and see what punches are coming his way. Floyd generally wins on defence not offence.

If you watch closely, Shane Mosley is very susceptible to straight jabs and counter right hands (i.e. Miguel Cotto and Winky Wright).  If Floyd can keep his jab count up and use his legs, never letting Mosley get his feet set to throw those fast power punches, he can keep Mosley from getting his punches off.  At this point all that Floyd will need to do is what he does best which is to throw lead right hands and lead left hooks for a decision.

Shane Mosley Keys To Victory

Based on what Shane Mosley said in Vegas this past week, it looks like he’s got the right strategy going in.  Shane stated that he and his team have worked on several different traps and strategies.  The key to beating Floyd is to never get stuck doing the same thing.  Floyd is at his best when he’s the counter puncher but he also likes this role because he can study and dissect what his opponents are trying to do.  After he figures it out he goes to work.

Shane needs to attack ferociously at times.  He needs to run, counter punch, throw combinations and throw one-punch shots.  He needs to do whatever it takes to disrupt Floyd’s rhythm.  When Floyd thinks he’s got Shane figured out, Shane should change tactics.

The Prediction

I feel that Shane will use a strong and consistent jab to set-up fast combinations in order to overwhelm Floyd landing one huge punch at a time.  I feel at some point during the fight we’ll see a more aggressive Floyd Mayweather.  The aggression will be used re-establish control and once he does will settle back into his safety first style.

I don’t think we’ll get a drag out fight but it will be extremely intense from the beginning.  However, I strongly feel that by the championship rounds, we’ll see exactly who’s in charge.

One more thing that stands out for me is the demeanour of both men.  Floyd appears to be uncomfortable with everything that is going on.  The bravado, the personality and the trash-talking is still all there but you get the sense that something is off.  Shane is looking and talking like he wants to be there. 

Based on that alone, I’ve got Mosley getting the nod!

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